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The Best Way To Bath And Groom Your Shih Tzu

Cleanliness is important, especially for your dog. It should be washed and cleaned carefully. In this way, its hair and skin are clean and have no parasites.

According to studies, a Shih Tzu should normally be washed once every three weeks.  You can wash your dog whenever you see fit. If its hair is dirty, you should wash and clean them without overdoing it.

If your dog’s skin is oily you should wash it once every two weeks. While washing, you can use shampoo and oils to clean its skin in the best way. But how to properly feed our dog?

First, if your dog is wearing clothes, you need to take them off and put them in the washing machine. Then make sure the water is not cold or hot. Prepare a bath with hot water. Try to clean your dog’s whole body while bathing. You should include the tail, legs, face, abdomen, back, and ears.

To make your dog bath more fun, comb the hairs and remove any knots that may have formed. Make sure your dog feels good during the bath. Start pouring water on your dog’s body, through a small bucket. Do not use too much pressure and hot water. Be careful when washing its face. You should not wet its eyes or ears.

Pour shampoo on your hands and start massaging your dog. When bathing, make sure that most shampoo does not get into the dog’s eyes. Do not let your Shih Tzu get cold.

After you cover the dog with shampoo, rinse it until the foam leaves its body. After the bath, you should dry the dog with a soft towel, and you can also use a hairdryer.