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The Best Tips To Bear In Mind When Training Your Shih Tzu Puppy

Remember These Three Facts When Training Your Shih Tzu Puppy

To raise a Shih Tzu are many methods just like raising a child. In fact, when we talk about children, a majority of things are universal. When raising a Shih Tzu these are three things people do not remember.
We have many times heard My Shih Tzu will not behave or will not listen to me.

Until we teach them, Shih Tzus do not comprehend English.

We all love the way our Shih Tzus live for us, the way they focus on us, and how our method of life becomes theirs. They study our movements, expressions, and language.
If we tell our Shih Tzu to go out in three ways, they understand us due to the fact that we approached the door with the leash on the hand.
Teach him your language if you want to accelerate the training three-fold. You have to pick a command for each action. All the family should use the same words and commands and you will be amazed how he figures it out.

Your Shih Tzu’s metabolism is racing faster than we think.

The more your Shih Tzu grows, the more his metabolism wants food and water. The age of your Shih Tzu determines how times he can head out.
For example, one time in each hour is not much for a 6 week old Shih Tzu. They like the smells outdoors. If while he is playing, get up with nose on the floor, let him go potty outside. Praise him when goes potty outside, because they love our pleased faces and will try always to get our faces happy.

They live for our body movement and our expressions.

So turning away from your Shih Tzu is the worst penalty to give to him. He will get so serious and learn the lesson. Do not scorn him for more than 3-5 minutes because his attention span durations just like that. You should not punish him physically. Love praising him because he will understand what you desire of him.