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The Actor Behind The Original Geico Caveman Speaks Out, Do You Recognize Him?

The Caveman, Geico commercial was aired for the first time in 2004 and became very famous throughout the years. John Lehr was the actor appearing in the commercial.

He was dressed as a Caveman and had a very rough appearance, with dirty hair, a creased forehead, and crooked teeth giving a Neanderthalish look. 

John was placed in the spotlight very quickly. There are a lot of people who are really fascinated with these types of commercials, and it is the perfect job for me, says John. 

It was very complicated to achieve the look of a caveman for John. I just lay there and the makeup artists glue stuff on me for like eight straight hours. 

The only thing I had mine was the eyes. It is beautiful because nobody knows it is you. I shot more than 25 national spots and it was awesome. 

These commercials changed John’s life in many ways. He also made an appearance at the Oscars in full makeup. Everyone wanted to make pictures with him. 

Today he lives a happy life with his wife Jennifer who he tied the knot in the 2000s and with his children. 

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