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Texas Woman Gives Birth Alone In Gas Station Bathroom – “God Was Watching Over Us”

Texas nurse Kaitlyn Fullerton was on her way to Victoria with her husband and told him to take a bathroom break. She didn’t know that her baby was ready to arrive.

She stopped in Beasley Texas and when I got to the bathroom, I started feeling a lot of pressure down there. When I realized what was going on, I started to pray Please God do not let me have my baby here. 

But there were other plans. I felt his head and after a little, he came right out and I grabbed him and was holding him close to me. Her husband was unaware of everything until a stranger gave him the news. 

A woman said to him: Hey, your wife just gave birth. I was like ‘what? When I arrived at the restroom she was there happy, smiling as nothing happened.

Kaitlyn said that she didn’t feel pain during her delivery. It is just a miracle by God. He is named Eliseo which means God is my salvation.