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Teacher Writes Absolutely Pathetic And Sad On The Math Test Of A 7 YO

Chris Piland posted a photo of his son’s math test, and it went viral very quickly. His teacher wrote ‘absolutely pathetic’ on his test.

We expect teachers to support students and make them feel better. We aren’t perfect and we are born with different talents and capacities, so everything can be improved. 

Kamdyn Piland didn’t perform well on the math test and he was humiliated by the teacher. She found it sad and pathetic and wrote on his paper that ‘he answered 13 in 3 minutes.’

When the father saw the test, he was very angry and couldn’t understand why the teacher would say that. 

This only affects the little boy’s confidence. The teacher replied to the father saying ‘I am sorry you feel this way.’

Chris posted it on Facebook with this caption: ‘My son’s teacher was so rude to him and he comes home with this and I am frustrated that someone would write something like that on a child’s work.’

We don’t know if the school did anything regarding this issue, even though Chris took his son out of her class. 

A petition was signed by almost 10,000 people to fire the teacher. 

The school replied saying ‘We are trying to do our best for the students and their needs.’ 

What do you think about this? Should the teacher be fired? Share your thoughts in the comments on Facebook?