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Tattoo Models Show What They Looked Like Before Getting Inked

A few years ago, it was very rare to come across people who had tattooed all their body and/or face. Instead, today, it has become a completely normal thing. People who have covered all their bodies with tattoos very often speak of how this has helped them accept and love their body for what it is.

In this article, you will find pictures of some people who have tattooed all their body have shared on their social platforms’ pictures of what they looked like before getting all those tattoos.

1. Kerstin Ehe

Kerstin has tattooed all her body and has spent a few thousand dollars to do it. She fell in love with tattoos as soon as she got her first one. Before that, she used to hate them. She has covered her body in flower tattoos that she loves. 

2. Monami Frost

Monami is a YouTuber who had her first tattoo when she was only 14 years old. She shared old photos of her from before getting all her body inked and added that covering her body with tattoos has helped her accept herself more. 

3. Amber Luke

Amber is a model who used to struggle with mental health when she was younger. She says that tattooing about 80% of her body has helped her overcome this struggle and it helped boost her confidence. 

4. Becky Holt

Becky lives in the UK as is the most tattooed woman in the state. About 95% of her body is tattooed. She recently shared a post on social media where she had covered in makeup half of her body, asking her followers which side they preferred. They were kind and loving in their responses, assuring her that both looks are beautiful on her. 

5. Brianna Todd

Brianna is a model who has also covered almost all her body in ink. Recently, she has shared a post of what she looked like before making all these changes to her body. 

6. Angela Mazzanti

Angela used to be a model and she shared a picture of herself on social media next to a recent picture, comparing the two pictures and adding how much she has changed since then. She also suggested everyone do everything to reach their goals.

7. Mara Inkperial

Mara is a model who has also covered almost all her body in ink. She shared a picture on her social platforms, where she showed what she used to look like before all the tattoos, living all her followers shocked and speechless.

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