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Tara Reid Is Taking Hold of the Narrative and We’ll Be Seeing a Lot More of Her Soon

Nowadays everybody has an opinion about everything even if you don’t ask for it. In the past, Tara has suffered from a botched breast and stomach too. After all these people do have something to say again.

Reid in 2006 got surgery to make her breast more even and to cut off some extra skin from her stomach but the procedure didn’t go as well.

All this transformation has affected her dating life. She has to defend herself from people’s negative opinions and say to herself she can not make everyone happy.

One picture in October of last year where she was petite made a huge rumor on social media and she was accused of having an eating disorder.

She always had a response for everyone talking about her body. Tara said that she had a great metabolism and it is impossible to gain weight with it. Her advice online is to spread love not hate on anyone’s posts online.

Her famous situation never got her in trouble and she was okay with having fun too. She was never part of a scandal. Tara has no plans of taking a break from Hollywood because she declares she loves her acting job.

She is working on a lot of projects and is so excited for their publication, especially for Masha’s Mushroom where she plays a hardworking mom, who accidentally for her daughter’s party sends all of them on a drug-induced trip.

Tara Reid now is about to take a hold of the narrative these days. She has not reached making a biopic for her one life yet.

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