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Talking To Your Shih Tzu Makes You A Smarter Person

If you think you’re the only person who talks to your shih tzu, you’re wrong. Can you imagine that there are other feelings, much more than what we have for them, making them our best listeners?!

But is there a reason behind it? Yes, there is. That’s why, in the same way, we talked to our toys as children, it’s common to talk to our shih tzu, isn’t it?

This practice is called anthropomorphism, a way of thinking that grants feelings to objects, animals, or elements of nature.

According to Studies, Talking to Your Shih Tzu Makes You Smarter

And now comes the best part: according to experts, those who talk to your shih tzu are usually smarter!

To explain it better, Professor of Behavioral Sciences, Nicholas Epsey, from the University of Chicago says that “We usually name objects like cars, instruments, boats, and cameras – all these items that we develop special relationships with, we consider extensions of our own identities.

And this is just the by-product of having active, intelligent social cognition – of having a brain that is programmed to see and perceive minds.”

So, this means that if you talk to your shih tzu, you have an active imagination and that the time you spend with them, it makes both of you very companions for the rest of your life. It’s not interesting?

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