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Susan Dey’s Life After Hit TV Series “The Partridge Family” And Her Crush On David Cassidy

Susan Dey is the famous actress in the series “The Partridge Family”. We all remember this series and many young people fell in love with the actors of this series. One of these actresses is Susan. She starred in the film as Laurie Partridge, a beautiful and loving girl. At this time Susan was liked by many fans.

Even though it was her first time acting, she did it very well. Yet she was a talented young girl and in love with acting. She could act very well and it seemed like she had been doing this job for years. Like many other young people, she did not bother in front of the camera.

If you remember the series, you will remember the bus on which the family made the extraordinary trips. This series contains the adventures of the singer family who sang in different places while traveling. They became very famous in the US and the UK. In these places, they gained a lot of followers and fans.

 But did you know that Susan was in love with her colleague David Cassidy? He was a well-known and very handsome actor. Many girls liked him. But only Susan managed to have a relationship with him. 

She likes David very much and they started dating after the series ended. However, this relationship did not last long and in the end, they remain just friends. In his book, David writes that Susan is important to him and a very innocent girl. 

This greatly affected Susan who severed ties with David. She did not even take part in the reunion of the actors years later.

Not only David but also Susan wrote a book, which told more about her life and television career. She became a famous actress and won the Golden Globe Award for her role in the movie “La Law”.