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Surgery-Addicted Nurse With E-Cup Boobs Is Turned Down For Bigger Implants

An Australian woman with E-Cup boobs was turned down for her request for bigger implants. The reason was her weight. Tara, 32 YO from Melbourne, hoped to convince the doctors to give her bigger implants. 

I am on a quest for bigger boobs, she said. I am not happy with them. 

She was filling a rippling effect on her skin and this would fix that issue. They are not big enough for me. 

This is going to be the wow factor and what I need. Her weight is 45kg and it is impossible for the doctors to make her implants larger. 

She needs to get healthy. Her big implants stretched her skin and caused it to become thin. 

They said that would give her bigger boobs if she puts on weight. 

Before Surgeries

She spent more than $200,000 on her transformation, doing five breast augmentations, six nose jobs, filler, and botox.