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Study Shows: Infant Hearing Test Could Be An Autism Sound Predictor

Babies diagnosed with autism, on a newborn hearing test have slower brain response to sound. 

This study suggested that this test could help one-day identifying autism in infants, as the study investigator says. Oren Miron is a research associate at Harvard University in biomedical informatics. The test is called ABR. This study also investigated if the screening can foretell autism.

In fact, this test is used to screen all babies across the U.S. for their hearing impairments. Infants that showed delayed brain responses, were later diagnosed with autism. 

As the researcher says, this can be applied in more than 4 million hearing tests done every year, and can tell autism too.

This is the most important thing that we could see on the matter. The sooner we diagnose kids with autism, the sooner therapies start.

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