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Study Proves That Women See Shih Tzu As Their Children

The brains of the women who participated in the study responded in the same way to seeing pictures of their children and Shih Tzu.

Do you know that childish voice that many women make when talking to Shih Tzu? There is an explanation for this!

In fact, one study just proved what we already knew: women view dogs as their own children.

The researchers looked at women who have children and a Shih Tzu.

By showing pictures of the children and the dogs separately, they found that the women’s brains responded in the same way to both pictures.

Pets hold a special place in the hearts and lives of many people, and there is compelling evidence from clinical and laboratory studies that interacting with pets can have physical, social, and emotional benefits for humans.

To carry out the study, women were selected who had at least one child aged between 2 and 10 years and a dog who had been with the family for more than two years.

Participation was made in two sessions. In the first, a visit was made to the family’s home and the participant answered several questions, including her relationship with her pet and her child.

In addition, women were photographed with their children and dog.

The second step was to analyze their reaction to seeing these photos.

This was done using functional magnetic resonance imaging, which indicates the level of activation of specific structures in the brain, by detecting changes in blood flow and oxygen level.

Do you agree with the result of this study? Is your Shih Tzu like your own child?