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Struggling Waitress Who Can’t Feed Her 4 Kids After Husband’s Cancer Diagnosis Gets Life-Changing Tip

Jessica Reboredo works tirelessly to provide for her four children and helping also her husband Robert who works as a professional carpenter. 

She earns a living by working as a server at Chili’s. Robert was diagnosed with testicular cancer when he was just 24 years old, and it has spread also to his stomach and lungs. 

During the time of the diagnosis, Jessica was pregnant with their fourth child. Robert flew to Los Angeles from Las Vegas to receive medical treatment. 

Jessica struggled to support the family and pay the bills without his income. She used to sleep in her car because she couldn’t afford a hotel while her husband was getting medical treatment. 

She had a teacher she never lost touch with. Kimberly, her second-grade teacher, even though decades had passed, they talked to each other and met from time to time. 

The teacher contacted the Fox5 Surprise Squad to help her and they accepted. They put hidden cameras at the restaurant where she was working and everyone left tips. The first tip was $200, the next $300, $500, $1,000 and there was more to come.