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Store Owner Bans All Pepsi Products After Noticing Offensive Logo

A store owner was filling his fridges with Pepsi products and at that moment he noticed a new logo on some of them. After seeing it, he pulled the products off the shelves and informed anyone that he will not be selling these products due to the offense. 

In fact, all business decisions he makes will make him a profit or cause him a loss. In fact for a typical business owner that wouldn’t be much of an issue, but Stewart is a little bit different. He has changed the way he does business. 

He saw a detain on the Pepsi bottles, and he had to uphold his personal beliefs. This was a risky business move.

He officially banned certain Pepsi products because they contain the NFL logo on the label. Pepsi teamed up with a market that is supporting employees to disrespect our flag, anthem, and police officers. 

He made a risky decision but most of his customers supported him.