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Steve Harvey Is Caught Cheating With Shannade Clermont

In a video posted by his wife, Steve Harvey looked very tired. Shannade Clermont, who is an Instagram model, said that Steve Harvey was her sugar daddy.

She has reposted a tweet from his account saying to him to come home daddy. The internet people reacted to her by saying to show more respect to a married man but her answer was the same and replied that he was her man.

The instagram model, 28 year old Shannade Clermont is known for her relationships with married people.
After the divorce of Kanye West she was seen accompanying him at the Nobu and later left separated.

In 2018 she was charged and arrested with aggravated identity theft, and she was solicited as a prostitute by James Alesi.
She had copied his credit card and made lots of purchases even though he was dead, she used the cart. For this action she suffered one year in prison and was left free in march 2020.

It is crazy how a human can do this kind of stealing, making copies of carts of dead people, making their appearance into married couples, being not an example for the people of instagram.

What can we say, let’s see what is her next step because it should be one. As we said she likes to be the third person in a relationship, with or without her intention.

Maybe she likes to be in the center of the paparazzis because there are known people that cannot live without attention all over them.

Maybe she is used to living like this. We do not know. Please share your opinion with us.