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South Carolina Woman Mauled By Three Dogs While Walking Back Home, Had Both Her Arms Amputated

In this article, we will see the sad story of Kayleen Waltman.

Kayleen is a 38 years old woman who was attacked by three dogs while she was walking home.

This happened in South Carolina on 21st March.

Kyleen was immediately sent to the hospital and ever since she has been fighting death for her life.

The police arrested the owner of the dogs who attacked Kayleen. There were three dogs who attacked Kayleen two of them were Pitbulls and the third was a mixed breed.

The owner of the dogs has been charged with possessing a dangerous animal that has injured a human after attacking it and also for possessing dangerous animals who happened to be on-premises that were unconfined.

A third charge for the owner was that he missed rabies control for the dogs.

There has also been a bail set for the owner which is $15000.

Kayleen was forced to have both her arms amputated. Also, her leg might have to be removed if her condition gets worse.

She is a mother of three and this horrible accident will affect the life of her children as well.

Now the three dogs are under the possession of the animal control center of Abbeville.

According to the law, if you as an owner have a dog who assaulted someone, you are 100% responsible for all the damages that were caused.

The dog owner can be held not responsible if the attack happens on his land or if the dogs are provoked by the person who is then attacked.

Regarding the first case if the attack happens on the land of the owner it needs to be marked that there is a dog on this property and that it can be dangerous.

Regarding this case, the police said that people should learn to train their dogs and they should be careful depending on the breed of the dog because some may be more aggressive than others.

Kayleen’s sister has set up a go fund page in order to raise money to cover her medical bills for Kayleen.

No one knows what is going to happen to Kayleen but we hope she gets better and gets back to having a happy life.

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