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Simone Biles Says To Critics: ‘I Can’t Hear You Over My 7 Olympic Medals’

Well-known athlete Simone Biles has withdrawn from the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games, and she is satisfied with that. She indicated that she needed to take care of her body. She also needed to calm down and devote time to herself.

The famous athlete has won many awards at the Olympics. But critics still talk about it. However, the statement she made recently seems to be a good answer for all the critics. She said she is very busy with her life. Thus the criticisms do not impress him at all.

She has won 7 Olympic medals, and she mentions this in her statement to the media. She addresses her critics by saying, “I can’t hear you over my 7 Olympic medals.” Biles withdrew from the Olympics a month ago, and it seems she has no regrets. She is pleased with her results and thinks she has the right to rest for a while. Biles has gone through a difficult and tiring period.

During this period, she has trained a lot. however, she does not say she has finally left the races. She indicates that she will use this period as a period of calm. She is one of the most talented athletes. The American has won many medals. She has won first, second and third prizes. According to theGrio, she has won as many medals as Shannon Miller. She is a wonderful gymnast. everyone was amazed by her movements and dexterity.

However, it is occasionally placed in the center of attention. However, she repeatedly states to the media that this is illogical. This seems to be supported by other players like Tom Brady. Criticisms are varied and sometimes related to the age of the athlete. According to critics, the athlete is at a young age. At this age the brain needs more nourishment, say some of the critics.