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She’s Going Bo Be The School’s Pet, Said The Scientist Bluntly. After The Shock, Mom Feels Immensely Proud Of Her Down Syndrome Daughter

“When the doctor told me I was pregnant, I was very happy. I started imagining what my baby would look like and what life would be like with him.

I wanted to know if it was a girl or a boy. Every mother thinks of these things before she is born. 

For this, I started reading books and talking to friends. I was very curious if I could be a good mother. As soon as I heard the news I started thinking about my duties as a new mother. I would like to teach my child many new things. 

Many questions were on my mind. I was unlucky everything went very well and I had no problems. Most of the time I had no serious symptoms. 

Sometimes I felt tired, but that was something very normal. I often went to the doctor for monthly checkups. 

As I was doing my doctor’s routine checkup, he told me that the baby’s limbs were not looking good. This is where it all started. I started to feel headaches, fear, anxiety, etc. The doctor was surprised that I had not felt the symptoms of pregnancy. During the routine check-up, the doctors realized that something was wrong. 

They saw that there were problems in the baby’s left lung. At this point, we rushed to the room and the long-awaited moment came. 

During the connection, I felt a lot of pain. But all suffering ended when I heard my baby crying. I was very happy. 

The doctor informed us that the child could have Down Syndrome. To find out, we decided to do some tests for our baby.  Everyone was upset. A frightening silence prevailed in the room. The most beautiful moment turned into the scariest moment. 

Times passed and I was not leaving hospitals. I can say that these were the most difficult moments of my life. My baby needed me at that moment. I realized that nothing was as I had thought. I had to be a good parent and stay close to her. 

It was not his fault for what happened. I can not believe it but at one point I thought I would not be ready to have a baby again.  But this was not anyone’s fault. I would do everything for my daughter to grow up happy and feel loved by everyone.