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She Was Old, Had No Friends, And Her Children Had Forgotten Her

Some people forget themselves and give priority to the opinions of others. It is not easy to please everyone. For this reason, we have to sacrifice a lot of ourselves. The story of Belita Edwards is different.

When people are preoccupied with things other than themselves, they lose self-care. This makes them lose self-confidence and the desire to improve at the same time. Also, the same thing happens when people give everything for their career.

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They try hard to achieve perfection. But in this way they neglect themselves. We all know that nowadays many people choose to work all day and do not allow themselves to have fun. They go home tired and lie down to sleep. This affects the psychology of these people but also their social life.

The story of Belita Edwards

We should all know that our bodies and mind need care. We can do this by devoting some time to ourselves and getting out of the daily routine. This is the story of a veteran who worked for the United States Army. Belita Edwards served in the United States Army. She was too busy with her career and forgot to take care of herself.

She had not shopped and looked in the mirror for a long time. Belita worked all the time and knew nothing else but her work. She was used to her straw-like hair and casual clothes. Her confidence had dropped a lot. That’s why she became part of the popular show “Makeovers That Matter”.

This show helped veterans who wanted to change their appearance and feel better. Belita’s appearance changed completely. She had agreed to be part of this show. Now she feels better about her appearance.

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At the end of the show, she saw herself in the mirror. Belita Edwards felt very beautiful and thanked everyone who took part in improving her appearance. Share your thoughts in the comments on Facebook.