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She Ended Up Living On The Street And Searching The Garbage To Survive

This is the story of Loni Wilson, a model and fitness teacher who was found looking in a trash can in Los Angeles.

Rhe star of the Baywatch series has been living on the streets for some time. She was seen searching for garbage and pushing a cart of garments and blankets around the streets. Loni had a short haircut, was barefoot and dirty. She is no longer the blonde diva she was.

After her divorce back in 2014 she was feeling depressed and unable to recover. Loni lost both of her houses and her job.
She started to become addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Sources say that she has denied help from her friends because she says she is fine and does not need any help from them because nobody seems to care for her and she is not interested in seeing them.

Loni says she does not have a phone but she has food and a bed. She locates the food from garbage close to the stores and she says there is a lot of it.

She got married to Jeremy Jackson in 2012 but they did not last long. She returned to the streets and an old acquaintance offered her help in free rehab but she was not seen until October 2022.

She was seen in Santa Monica this year dressed with many coats and slippers and a hat in her head.

She has said for an interview she has not seen her ex-husband and will not see him because nobody cares for her anymore.
She says she has everything she need in the streets and is capable of living on her own.

Loni accused her husband of stealing her and broke up. She says life in the streets is difficult because she gets robbed because of people like her who also live in the streets.

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