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Schools Are Taking Down Analog Clocks Because Most Students Fail To Read Them

The world is moving in everything digital now and kids are losing the chance to learn things day after day. It is becoming harder and harder for children to learn things in an analog way because digital is just simpler. 

U.S schools are replacing analog clocks with digital ones just as it is done in the UK. They say that students are getting distracted and fail to figure out how much time they have until class is over or how much time they have until the finish of the exam. For them, children struggle to concentrate on their work because they cannot figure out how much time they have. 

Back in the day kids knew how to use analog clocks and it was easy for anyone. We wonder why it is so difficult to learn analog today. They say that a digital clock will provide a quicker answer to the time. 

It is not just young children, high school students have the lack ability to tell time on an analog clock. So the reason for replacing the clocks is to raise their academic performance. 

What are your thoughts about it? Is it a good option or not? Share your thoughts!