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Sarah Palin Divorce: New Partner, Children And Husband

You simply couldn’t avoid Sarah Palin during the news on the presidential campaign in 2008. She was McCain’s running mate and was described as a force of nature in Republican politics. 

The 58-year-old is still involved in the Republican party and she has always been in the headlines about her private life. 

Palin announced her divorce in 2020 after three decades of marriage and it was a shocking breakup. 

Although Palin, 58, is still politically involved in the Republican party, headlines in recent years have been centered more around her private life.

Sarah was born in Idaho and moved with her family to Alaska when she was an infant. She grew up there and she was a basketball star in High School.

She met her future husband Todd Palin in a basketball game in high school.  They tied the knot together in 1988. They were very poor at that time and didn’t want their parents to pay the bills for them.

They have five children together. She also worked as a journalist and helped her husband’s family business before entering politics in 1992. 

She charmed everyone and was the first woman and the youngest governor of Alaska in 2006. Her husband called himself the First Dude when she was governor. 

Their marriage was considered a model union. After they celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary, Sarah claimed that she got a divorce notice from her husband. 

She felt like she got shot, and an attorney sent the email. Sarah considered her marriage the most important thing in life, and this was devastating. 

They filed the divorce for incompatibility of temperament between each other and they find it impossible to live together. 

Sarah wanted to repair everything and didn’t want to give up on her marriage. She kept a low profile and didn’t comment on her breakup. 

In 2022 she said that the shock and the scars are still evident. She doesn’t have contact with her ex-husband, as he lives in NYC and has a new partner. 

She also found love again and is dating New York Rangers Star, Ron Duguay. We hope that she can find what makes her happy in life!

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