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Quick-Thinking Daughter Calls 911 Pretending To Order Pizza To Save Her Mother

The little girl saves her mother by “ordering pizza”. This not-so-common event happened in Oregon. Tiffany Urban is called the little girl who wanted to save her mother from the violence of her ex-boyfriend.

In fact, this was not the first time he had raped the baby’s mother. But this time Tiffany got on the 911 phone to order pizza.

She saw the violence he was using and was afraid that something bad might happen to her mother. So she got on the 911 phone saying she wanted to order pizza.

This idea was extraordinary. He was informed that he had called the wrong number. However, it was clear that something was wrong. But Tiffany did not give up and gave them the address and phone number.

So the police officers went to Tiffany’s address and rescued her mother. The ex-boyfriend had hit her hard on the head and body with fists.

But Tiffany saved her life. Police arrested the perpetrator and provided medical assistance to the little girl’s mother. This was a rare occasion and Tiffany was lucky. Not all dispatchers receive proper training.

What do you think about this genuine idea? Would it be difficult to understand it if you were the dispatcher? Share your thoughts in the comments on Facebook.

We wish the best to Tiffany and the Urban family!