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Queen’s Death Might Result in Meghan And Harry Being Separated

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to step away from the royal family and they have been in dispute for two years. It looks like things are beginning to cool off. 

Their story started in 2016 when Harry was in love and a couple of months later he took her to meet the Queen. Since she began to date Harry, swapped her career to adapt to royal life. 

She joined Harry on his royal trips. And no more than 12 months later they announced their engagement. They got married in May 2018.

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Meghan got the title of the Duchess of Sussex. Later in May 2019, Archie was born. 

They were happy but Meghan constantly was attacked by the press. She was struggling with all the pressure that The British media said.

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They stepped down from royal duties and started spending time between the U.K. and America.

They are living in the US with their son Archie and daughter Lillibet, after stepping back in March last year from royal duties. Some people think that the Duke didn’t deserve the wreath because he no longer represents the British Armed Forces and couldn’t have it both ways.

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Meghan and Harry have chosen another life, rather than being with the Royal Family. They moved to the United States and got themselves a job. 

The Queen gave them many options on what to do while having the royal duties. Including being an actress for Meghan Markle. 

It is not just a fun life and rich being in the royal family. You have responsibilities serving the crown and not having an opportunity to live a private life. 

They left their royal duties and pursued a civil career. In fact, a royal expert claimed that they could have done that without leaving the royal family because the Queen gave them many options for the future.

The Queen said that they could just pick any country they wanted to go to and would be ambassadors for the Commonwealth.

They came back to the UK only on special occasions, for example, the burial of Harry’s grandfather, and the unveiling of the statue of his mother, Princess Diana. 

A royal expert claims that they may be returning to the UK if Queen Elizabeth passes away.

They aren’t willing to come to the UK without added protection, as their private security team doesn’t have adequate jurisdiction to protect them there. 

There are questions if Harry will be there for the Queen’s platinum jubilee. He may be going without Meghan and his children if security is not provided. 

He may come to serve his country if the Queen dies.

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