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Psychologist Says Shih Tzu Dream About Their Owners

According to the doctor. Deirdre, shih tzu dream about everyday things, and the tutor is an important part of their lives.

Every owner has tried to imagine what their shih tzu is dreaming about when they move, bark, or cry in their sleep.

According to experts, shih tzu sleep very similar to humans. That is to say, they have all three stages (NREM, REM, and SWS) and dream during REM sleep.

Shih Tzu dream

Deirdre, who is a psychologist and Harvard professor, studies dreams in humans as well as animals.

In an interview with People, she said:

Humans dream about the same things they are interested in during the day, despite being more visual and less logical. There’s no reason to think it’s any different with animals.

Since dogs are generally extremely attached to their human owners, it’s likely that your shih tzu is dreaming about your face, your scent, and about pleasing or irritating you.

And she gave a valuable tip for shih tzu and humans to have sweet dreams: have happy experiences during the day and get enough sleep in a safe and comfortable environment.

Shih Tzu dream

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