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Proposal Obliges Pet Shop And Shih Tzu Shop To Install Cameras In The Establishment

The Human Rights Commission of the Chamber of Deputies approved a proposal that makes it mandatory to install indoor cameras in pet shops and hotels for dogs.

If approved in a vote in the Chamber’s Plenary, the pet shop has one year to adapt to the new law.

Footage must be stored for a period of up to six months. When required by a customer, the pet shop must deliver the video within three days.

In addition, it should also broadcast the recordings live so that owners can follow their dogs in real-time, via the internet. Failure to comply may result in fines for closing the pet shop.

“Today, dogs have become a member of the family, it is always a concern when you leave them somewhere. This project will give more security to the owners”, says federal deputy Ricardo Izar (PP-SP), rapporteur of the proposal. “With the internet, it’s easier. What place nowadays doesn’t have Wi-Fi?

When I travel, I leave my shih tzu and follow everything on my cell phone. So it’s a movement that already exists, we want to standardize it.”

The proposal is a substitute that brings together three projects that were already running in the House, 6553/16 by deputy Mariana Carvalho (PSDB-RO), 6003/16 by deputy Cajar Nardes (PR-RS), and 7099/17 by deputy Maia Filho (PP-PI).

Now, the project will have to go through the Environment and Sustainable Development (CMADS) and Constitution and Justice (CCJ) commissions to then be voted on in the Chamber’s Plenary.

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