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Prince William and Prince Harry Slam BBC for The 1995 Interview, Our Mother Lost Her Life Because of This

Prince William and Prince Harry are going to show a united front. It was revealed that BBC reporter Martin Bashir secured the bombshell in a 1995 interview he conducted with Princess Diana.

The investigation showed that the BBC fell its standards of integrity and transparency by covering practices that included documents to suggest that aides close to her were speaking to the press. Both of her sons slammed BBC.

They are speaking now against the BBC and media culture. Even though they are in separate places they both confirmed that this interview damaged their family more than once.

William said that BBC managed to use fake documents to secure the interview with his mother was very concerning. He has cleared that BBC has played with his mother’s fears and paranoia.

He also said that the interview made a lot of contributions to his parent’s relationship worse. He claims that the BBC’s failures contributed to her last years of fear and isolation.

He closed his word by saying that this kind of media let not only his family down but the public too.
After William made his statement Harry did the same thing. He said that his life was taken by the ripple effect of a culture of exploitation. He describes his mother as a woman who dedicated her life to service. She was brave and honest as Harry said.

As William said Harry also mentioned that he is still concerned because practices were still widespread.
He says that his mother lost her life and nothing can change it. She lived with honor and dignity and he says that we should remember who she was and for what she stood for.

Ever since Harry is married to Meghan Markle has been keen on breaking fake news and rumors.
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