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Prince Harry Believes That His Mom Is ‘Immensely Proud’

The mother is the most beautiful person in the world, and it seems that Prince Harry misses her a lot. He shows that she is important to him, and he misses her a lot. He feels bad, that she failed to see him married, happy, and a father. He thinks Archie has also missed his grandmother. He says he would love for her to meet her nephew. Harry shows that the connection with his mother is important to him. He did not get to know Princess Diana well, yet his love for her is great.

We all know that lately, his family life has not been very stable and that he has had many problems. One of the reasons he does not feel comfortable with the royal family is the maladaptation of their cultures, thoughts, decisions, and way of life. We can say that this situation has greatly tired Prince Harry and his wife and has forced them to distance themselves from the royal family.

He seems to be going through a difficult period. Maybe this is the time he needs his mother. He shows that living in the royal family is not easy at all and that everyone does what he wants. According to him, the members of this family have begun to disrespect each other’s wishes and rights.

“I have another life, and I am happy and blessed with my family, with Meghan and Archie. I think I will not go back there again. Nothing in that country suits me and my dreams. Family for me is the most precious thing, and I am trying to find time to spend it with my small family. It is important to me. “I do not want to live in that country anymore, and I do not want to obey orders.”

He shows that he is a good father and a devoted husband. It can be seen in the interviews he has given, in public appearances, on social networks, etc. However, he shows that even though he has chosen to live away from the kingdom, his mother, Princess Diana will be very proud of him.