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Pregnant Women Hate When People Touch Their Belly And Here’s The Reason Why

Touching the belly of a pregnant woman can be a way to feel a connection to the baby, but it is another thing done by the father, and different done by others. 

But more than that, it is a violation and some pregnant women feel really hurt when complete strangers or persons they don’t know touch their belly.

We are listing some of the reasons why it is not okay to touch their bellies, without asking first, even if you have the best of intentions. 

It violates their personal space. The fact that she is pregnant doesn’t mean you can touch her. 

It might make them feel self-conscious and a lot of mothers don’t want that much attention. 

It may also affect their physical health. People can touch it with their bare hands, or even kiss it. Or they are experiencing nausea and touching their belly can make them feel worse.

It can affect their mental health. Hormonal changes can cause anxiety and with all that stress, having random people touching her belly on a regular basis is the last thing they want. 

Has anyone ever touched you without your permission? How did you feel? Do you think it is okay to do that? Would you allow anyone to do that? Share your thoughts in the comments on Facebook.