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Precious Gabourey Sidibe Turned Into A Movie Star 10 years ago – Look At Her Today

For a lot of movie stars being awarded in the Academy Award Nomination, is just going straight to the top of Hollywood. In fact, Gabourey Sidibe has a different story.

She starred as Precious in the AAW movie Precious.

She always wanted to become a comedian, she grew up in Harlem, NYC and she didn’t want to act at a young age.

She found her inspiration in comedians and wanted to be like Mo’nique.

When she auditioned for the role of Precious, there were more than 300 women for that role. She got it and was a Hollywood star.

Sidibe found her inspiration in comedian and plus-size actress Mo’Nique, and wanted to be just like her.

She is a true role model. She suffered from weight, and fighting her way through it was difficult. Anything is possible, we love her efforts.

This is her today