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Police Officer Makes Headlines When He Asks Girl Living In Suspicious Vehicle To Follow Him To The Sidewalk

Police officers were called to check on a suspicious car. They were notified of an urgent event and that they should go there as soon as possible. Officers Scott Marsh and Zach Pricer were to inspect a “suspicious car” in California. 

The car was parked in Cross Park and police immediately went to the scene. The officers were surprised but a mother and her 11-year-old daughter lived in the car. 

According to the officers, they needed help and did not live in a good place. Also their life was very difficult.

A mother and her 11-year-old daughter needed shelter. At work, Officer Pricer realized that the little girl was very scared. He points out that children are always afraid of police uniforms. 

While the girl’s mother was talking on the phone, the officer tried to talk to the little girl. He asked the girl if she knew how to play the hopscotch game. According to him, this would help the girl feel better and would remove her fear.

“She told me she did not know how to play.” says Procer officer, 38 years old. So he started teaching the little girl the game. The video that the officer was playing with the little girl became popular on social media and won many clicks. 

Below the video, people had also made comments such as “Congratulations officer”. The people were very pleased with the good behavior of the officer. 

The officer taught the little girl to play and they started playing together. Meanwhile, other officers were conducting expertise at the scene.