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Plus-Sized Model Says People Body Shame Me But I Ignore The Trolls

Bonnie James receives mean messages from strangers every day. She has learned to ignore the haters and love her body. 

The 23-year-old has taken control of her life and tells herself how she should look and feel. 

Her constant body shaming has been a very bad thing in her life, but now she doesn’t let hate get to her.

She has a rocky relationship with her body. 

She had too many problems while growing up, getting braces and reading glasses didn’t help her confidence. 

Her mental health took a hit when she decided to study theatre and dance. 

In that time she developed anorexia nervosa.

She got professional help and that was the start of where she is today. 

A confident woman that knows her worth. 

Bonnie loves modeling and sees it as a representation. 

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