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Please Pray For Me: Justin Bieber Reveals That Half Of His Face Had Become Paralyzed And This Is The Reason Behind It

Justin Bieber shocked everyone with his latest video revealing his current situation. The 28-year-old Pop singer apologized to his fans that he had to cancel Justice World Tour that was announced days ago. 

He explained in the video that he is paralyzed in half of his face. He showed everyone how he was unable to even blink his eye. Bieber couldn’t even smile normally or eat.

He shared this worrying update and asked everyone to pray for him. Justin Bieber explained his condition, which is called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which comes when a virus attacks the facial nerves and causes facial paralysis. 

Prior to that, he revealed that an illness had struck him and caused him to postpone the concert.

He continued pointing to the right side of his face saying that he has full paralysis and explaining that he is not physically capable to attend the concerts.

The typical cause of this is stress and the virus. My sickness is getting worse, and I will slow down and try to relax and recover from it. 

Thank you for being patient and I trust God that this is all for a reason. I am going to rest and I love you guys. Peace. 

This is everything he said in the shocking video. The tour was planned to begin on May 22. Hailey Bieber also went to the hospital after having a blood clot and stroke-like symptoms. 

We wish them a speedy recovery! 

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