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Phoenix PD Honors Heroic Citizen Who Saved Girl From Assault

In this article, we will see the heroic act of a man who saved a teenager from being violated and assaulted. This happened in Phoenix, Arizona in the month of February. 

The Police Department of Phoenix saluted and promoted the man for his heroic act. 

On the first day of February, a young girl was attacked by a man while she was standing in the street waiting for her boyfriend. 

There is video evidence that the man was wandering on the street where the girl was waiting. He is seen as he began running faster and then grabbing the girl by the neck.

He then put a chokehold on the 18-year-old girl. This was all caught on the surveillance camera. 

The protagonist of our story, Josh Jones, interfered immediately when he saw what was happening. Jones was brave enough to take the suspect down and he kept him there until the police showed up.

When asked about his heroic action, Jones only said that he did what he thought was the right thing to do. 

Jeri Williams, the Phoenix Chief of Police awarded Jones with the Citizens Award and said that this heroic act needed to be acknowledged. 

While Jonas was being rewarded he received all kinds of compliments and gratitude from other police officers. 

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