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Phil Collins Reveals He Can Barely Hold A Drumstick Anymore

Phil Collins is a drum and singer star. All his songs got famous and now at the age of 70, he is considered one of the legendary singers. 

Talking about his health, he says in an interview that he can hardly hold a drum stick. He spent all his life in music. Phil received many awards and always delivered the best for the public. 

He was given a drum at the age of 3. When Phil was 14 years old he went to a teacher to learn and read drum music. 

He said that ‘I found my capacity for reading the drum was not as near as playing by instinct.’ 

His life changed forever in 1970. He decided to get in touch with a group called Genesis, and the rest is just history. 

He was a singer and a drummer. He had an impressive solo career. After more than 25 years with Genesis, he stepped in and focused on his solo career. 

He has eight Grammy awards under his belt and is considered a living icon. 

He decided to reunite with the band in 2018 and announced a world tour, but put it on hold because of the lockdown. 

“I would love to get behind the drums, but I can barely hold a stick with this hand,” Collins said. 

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