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Patricia Krentcil Tanned Five Days A Week And Almost Lost Her Life, This Is What “Tan Mom” Looks Like Today

Patricia Krentcil went viral as “Tan Mom,” because she spends five days a week in the tanning salon. This happened in the year 2012  when the phenomenon of tanerexia almost ruined her life. Tanerexia (the phenomenon of not realizing how much color you get) causes huge problems in her life.

Even after many years, she faces difficulties in her life but there is a big change. By the way today she is looking much better. 

Everyone has a habit but it shouldn’t change into an obsession. And this is what Patricia has experienced. This seemed to take a lot of time and energy from Patricia.  She could not figure out what was going on with her life.

At this point, her only solution was to talk to someone who could be a friend, a close person, a psychologist. She needed to set new priorities and have no more obsessions. Today, she is healthier and conscious that tanning has affected her life and appearance.

This lasted for years and started when she was a young girl in 2012. However, this obsession continued for a long time and she did not know how to give it up. Patricia became a phenomenon on the internet. 

According to the owner of City Tropics tanning salon in Nutley, New Jersey – Patricia had an unlimited monthly plan of $100.  She said that she couldn’t stop tanning. “My entire life was about tanning and I have done almost everything”. 

But her obsession started getting worse when she include her daughter in this.  

According CBS New York, police said she had put her 6-year-old daughter in a tanning booth. Anyway, she didn’t accept that. She also said that she could never do that to her daughter. 

Also New Jersey law didn’t permit anyone younger than 14 to use a tanning facility. For these reasons, Patricia said she wouldn’t permit it because her daughter is only six years old. 

Maybe this is the reason Patricia got the nickname “Tan Mom” in the media. Also later revealed Patricia had suffered cardiac arrest and was diagnosed with pneumonia and pancreatitis. 

That thing caused a lot of health problems on. But today she is trying to do her best and take care of her health.