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Parents Abandon Baby Born Without Legs—Today, She’s A Gymnast Like Famous Olympian Sister

Jennifer Bricker is an aerialist dancer and also motivational speaker, with an enormous love for acrobatics. She is 27 years old and was born with no legs. Unfortunately, her parents abandoned her at birth because of this disability.

Her disability has never been a limitation for Jennifer. She has found the force to continue and eventually become an influence in the life of many. 

Jennifer loves acrobatics and also dancing, and is currently working to improve her dancing skills with the help of a professional dancer. Her dream is to be able to perform on the big stage of “Dancing with the Stars”’ one day.

Jen was abandoned by her biological parents but was adopted by Sharon and Gerald. They gave her a new family and a home filled with a lot of love.

She has put everything into her dreams and passions, turning the impossible into possible and excelling in every single sports competition that she has participated in.

When she was a child, her idol was Dominique Moceanu. When Jennifer was 16 years old, she discovered a shocking truth. Her idol, Dominique, was her biological sister. 

She had always dreamt of being related to Dominique since she idolized her that much and when she found out that it was in fact her sister, she could;t believe it. It was something that could happen only in the movies, as Jen said.

When Jen was a teen she started asking questions about her biological family. Her adoptive mom gave her the birth certificate and Jen saw that her real last name was “Moceanu”. That was the moment she realized Dominique was her sister.

Jen met Dominique and her other sister Christina when she was 21 years old. Christina also did gymnastics, just like her two sisters. Since then, the three sisters have become inseparable.

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