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Owner Demands Vet Euthanize His Overweight Golden Retriever – He Lost Over 100lbs And Has A New Home Now

We all love our dogs, and even a little too much. This may cause us to not stay without making their wishes true. They ask for food and we give. This previous owner of one golden retriever did something shameful. He tried to put his dog down because of his weight. 

Kai was brought to the vet to put him down, but the vet immediately called the Misfits of Alberta Animal Rescue and they had a goal to help Kai lose weight and find a home. 

Heggie gave an interview to GMA that she was taking care of Kai. He was the most overweight animal that the vet had ever seen. He weighed 172 pounds and now he has dropped half his body weight. 

It took him 20 minutes to climb the stairs outside foster care when arrived for the first time. They took him for walks three times per day. He did water therapy to strengthen his legs and stamina. 

With a strict diet he gained strength and everything is going great. Heggie adopted Kai and he was featured on Good Morning America. 

He showed us all how to do big things one day at a time. 

We hope Heggie and Kai have a wonderful life together!