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Owen Wilson Pays $25,000+ a Month for His Baby Who He Has Never Met

Most of us associate the character that an actor plays in the movie with what he actually is in real life.
Unfortunately, this is not always true, and a specific case that proves this is the case of actor Owen Wilson.

Most people believe that he is a very good dad and they base it on his previous roles. In real life, he is not like that.

The actor Owen Wilson has three children and they all have different mothers. He has two sons and a daughter. He has never met his daughter, instead, he meets regularly with his sons.

Getting back to his daughter, she was born in October 2018 and Qwen has never met her and refuses to acknowledge her.

Owen didn’t even believe that the child was his and his ex, the mother of the child, was forced to file a petition in court in order to prove his paternity, receiving this way a monthly payment from Owen for child support.

A paternity test was taken and it proved that the father of Lyla was actually Owen.

Owen since then has had to pay every month for child support. Every month he pays $25,000 in order to take care of all the expenses needed for Lyla.

Owen only has financial responsibilities toward his daughter. When it comes to making decisions regarding her life and choices regarding education or medical situation, these are all taken by her mother.

Lyla‘s mother has said in some interviews that she would like Owen to get to know his daughter so that they could have a relationship together.

But till now we know that Owen still doesn’t know his daughter.

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