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Our Favorite TV Presenter Kathie Lee Gifford is Dating Again And Looks Stunning Without Makeup

Kathie Lee Gifford is now 68-year-old and is one of the most known tv hosts of the show Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee and was part of it for 11 years. The beautiful host is no longer part of it anymore and now she does the things that make her happy like acting or writing.

She experienced the loss of her husband of 29 years and left her heart broken. During an interview she said that the movie Then Came You was written in one night.

The movie isn’t an autobiography or life descript but a reminder for the people who lost their partner and that they should live their life.

She lost another dear person a year ago Regis Philbin, her best friend and close friend and on-air partner. She wrote on Instagram in his honour and she wrote she loved him as a wonderful person he was, loving one and no one like him. They had the same mood and sense of humour.

After these losses she experienced beautiful things too as she got her kids married to their partners. She also said that their father was going to miss their kids’ family but his soul was felt.

After almost 33 years that she had not been on a date she started seeing a new guy and danced with this guy who took her attention.

She was open to falling in love again. She would love this feeling again with her but until that moment nothing had happened.
But what has happened? Now she is in a relationship with Randy Cronk, and she describes him as a nice, healthy, fun guy that she has a good time with.

She is experiencing love again and we are happy for her. She says that he is the smarties person she has ever meet. Last days a picture of her without makeup is over internet and she looks stunning. She has aged with grace.

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