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OMG! We Have Always Been Sitting On The Toilet In The Wrong Way – Study Surprises

Sometimes this topic is a bit embarrassing but when it comes to health, everything can be discussed. Have you ever wondered, what is the right way to sit on the toilet? Well, the experts have done this and discovered that we have been sitting in the wrong way for a long time. How do we know it is the right way? Very simple, this way will affect your digestive system.

Before we sit on the toilet, none of us think about this fact. However, this does not reduce the value of the landing to the proper position. If you read about the studies, you will see many advantages and disadvantages. You may not believe it, but the way you sit on the toilet affects your health. Let’s look at what researchers advise.

According to them, the position we sit on the toilet is 90 degrees. While sitting we keep our backs straight while our feet rest on the ground. This position is not healthy and should be replaced as soon as possible. Why is it not healthy? This position will make the process more difficult and stressful. The consequences are different. According to statistics, most people who sit in the toilet this way have problems with the intestines, stomach, constipation, etc.

While if we are going to talk about the right position, it is completely different. This position is called 35 degrees. This position will not strain you and will not cause you abdominal pain, intestinal irritation, or constipation. Everything will come naturally to you, and your body will be healthier. If you find it difficult to sit this way, it will help a lot to place an ornament or something raised on your legs. If you start doing it now, you will thank yourself a lot later.