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OMG!! These Things Happen To Your Body When It Produces Too Much Estrogen

Estrogen is an important hormone that regulates sexual development and reproduction. During the period you are menstruating, or the days before the menstrual cycle begins, your body begins to produce a lot of estrogens.

It is because, during this period, your body needs this hormone. Estrogen and testosterone are hormones responsible for the sexual development of women and men. But estrogen is produced more in women, especially during the menstrual cycle. During this period, the body is sensitive, and you may be weaker emotionally.

However, the production of estrogen may be indicated by some other signs. During this period, you may have abdominal pain or gain weight. Also, many girls and women have a lot of appetites. But in some others, the opposite happens. They do not want to eat and prefer to drink fruit juices. But estrogen can also affect the quality of your sleep. Studies show that many girls have trouble sleeping during the cycle.

Because of the pain that estrogen production can cause, you feel tired. It can reduce your sexual desire, your desire to stay with people, or your physical activity. Emotional state affects this period a lot, making the production of this hormone more visible. It is therefore important to know the starting of this period to try to control it.

If you have noticed, before the menstrual cycle some pimples appear on the face or, you feel that you may be fat. These are signs that estrogen is being produced in your body. But these symptoms have no side effects and are normal. They happen almost always. You do not have to worry about them. But different organisms experience the production of this hormone in different ways. In some women, estrogen production can be associated with symptoms such as anxiety, memory loss, skin problems, etc.

Although estrogen production is common, you may encounter problems that may need to be treated. If you feel that the symptoms in this period are lasting longer than they should or seem to be getting serious, you should contact your doctor. He will advise you on how to act in this situation.