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Oh, You’re Babysitting? They’re mine, 30 YO Black Mother Adopts 3 White Children

In this article, we will talk about a woman who had to go through a lot of difficulties in her life. 

She was the youngest kid in the family and became an orphan when she was just 6 years old.

She did not grow up with a mother but had always had the natural instinct of a mother.

She has always worked in the field of childcare and always wanted to be a foster mom. 

The young woman got a new apartment and started the process of becoming a foster mom.

She went through 2 months of lessons. Her desire was to assist as many kids as possible.

She got to choose the gender or ethnicity and also the age gap of the children she wanted to cultivate.

Her choice was  African-American and also Caucasian kids.

The kids had to be between 4 and 5 years old when it came to age. They gave 4 children to her. 

She first got a little 5-year-old boy to live with her. Then a girl and later her sister also. 

Later, she decided to adopt them and the kids agreed happily.

They were excited that they would have a home of their own now.

Her family has always supported her for every decision she has taken regarding these kids. Even when she decided to adopt them. 

Even though she is a black woman she has no problem adopting white kids. She says that love knows no skin color. 

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