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Officials Say No Charges Will Be Filed After Texas Woman Is Eaten Alive

The 36-years-old woman called Erin McCleskey, a Certified Process Server for the State of Texas went to Manor city to deliver court paper but couldn’t leave the Travis County home alive.

She had been to residence twice before and opened the front gate to enter but Terry Swanson says that is the moment when she made the error that cost her life.
The residence family was out of town when Erin was about to enter the house to deliver civil papers and with no one home, she was attacked by six of the Swansons’ dogs.

The autopsy determined that the dogs had attacked her artery in her arm. After the attack she lived 15 minutes and passed away. Later it was proved that the dogs caused her death.

Her body was found a day later by the dogs’ temporary caretaker. The neighbors claim that the dogs were a menace before attacking Erin. Another person that owns a paring in that area claims that the dogs have escaped before and have attacked other animals of the neighborhood. He also said that he called 911 to report the situation that had happened but no one responded. The dogs had attacked even the chickens.

Other neighbors have claimed that they were afraid for their childrens because of the dogs. They have not left their childrens to play outside because of the fear of dogs attacking them.

Despite all this there are no reports of dog attacks on people in the area. What is said is that the dogs owners won’t face charges in Erin’s death because they didn’t sic the dogs on attacking people. The dogs that caused Erin’s death were Lab-Pyrenees mixes and two Husky-Australian Cattle Dog mixes.

After Erin’s death the court ordered the dogs euthanized but the six dogs were still living at the Austin Animal Center but Eric Torbeson, tried to save their lives. What happened next is that Torbeson wants the animals back to their owner, but an animal behavior specialist says they should be put down.

They were persons that were worried about dogs wellcare because they couldn’t live locked up all the time. There were also people who agreed and did not agree with it.

The job of the state is to keep their community safe and Carter believes that the dogs should be put down. We think or maybe not think that when an animal kills a human it is not safe to be a pet.

We would like to read what you guys think about the last sentence. Share your opinion with us.