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Obituary For “Common Sense Death” Is Hilarious And Great

The protagonist of our story will always be remembered for having cultivated very valuable life lessons. 

Some of these lessons are being able to know eleven you should come in out of the rain of what we say that the early bird is the one who gets the worm.

Common Sense Loved by some simple rules in the parenting of financial areas. Like the fact that the parents are in charge and not children.

Or the financial fact that you shouldn’t spend more than you earn. 

He started to lose his health in a very fast cat after the regulations were all set.

When parents started to take sides with their kids and not the teachers, common sense lost a lot of ground at that time. 

When schools then started asking parents if they could consent to the use of paracetamol when a student wanted to have one.

But on the other hand, they did not inform them when a student would get pregnant and wanted them to abort it.

Then when a seven-year-old pupil was temporarily suspended from school because he was caught chewing a Pop-Tart that had the shape of a gun, that is when Common Sense died.

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