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Neutering And Spaying Benefits For Your Shih Tzu

Spaying and neutering are very important for your Shih Tzu care. We can count many reasons for your puppy to spay or neuter, but firstly we mention overpopulation. 

Your puppy will achieve a much better behavior

Regardless of its gender, spaying and neutering can bring a better behavior of your Shih Tzu. An unneutered puppy will run away from you and roam, will dig the yard, and so on. He will be aggressive and more of that. With spaying and neutering, these things will go away. 

Longer lifespan

It can prevent uterine infections or breast cancer for a female Shih Tzu. So that is the reason why it helps your puppy live longer. While for a male Shih Tzu, it keeps testicular cancer away. Your vet will help you to know when is the right time for your Shih Tzu.

It helps the canine community overall

With this, fewer dogs will roam the streets causing any kind of things. Their health will improve so it is the best for everyone. 

Can save money

It is not that expensive to spay and neuter your Shih Tzu. Many places offer this procedure for free. If you want to have a happy and healthy Shih Tzu, try spaying and neutering.