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NBC News Correspondent Richard Engel’s Son Passes Away at Six Years Old

One of the last news shared on Twitter made everyone very sad. This is the news of the death of the 6-year-old son of the well-known NBC journalist, Richard Engel.

His son Henry suffers from Rett Syndrome and did not survive. This rule affects the brain and every new aspect of the child’s life. This is a genetic disorder of the brain that researchers and lovers have not managed to find a solution for.

Everyone was saddened by the great loss. He announced to his friends through a post saying that his beloved son has changed his life. He gave a lot of love and smiles to their family. The journalist says that he is lucky to be blessed with Henry.

He could not survive. This disease affects the ability to speak, walk, think, etc.
His son faced a difficult syndrome. For Richard Engel, it is a great gift to have Henry as a child.

He shows that they spend time together cuddling. Henry likes to be caressed and given love. Engel says you can’t forget the moment he uttered the first word. But his condition worsened and Henry developed dystonia. He started shaking and getting worse. His father bitterly shares his pain with others.

Our condolences to the Engel family.