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NBA Star Chris Webber And Wife Become Parents 7 Years After Doctors Told They Would Never Have Children

The NBA star Chris Webber and his wife got married in 2009. They were in love with each other and also shared the huge wish to have kids in the future.

They tried for many many years and were told by the doctors that they would probably ever become parents.

Needless to say, this was devastating news for the young couple. But they were determined and decided not to give up but to keep trying. 

Their prayers were finally answered when the couple found out that they were going to become parents. 

Both of them shared pictures of their babies. They were going to have twins, a baby girl, and a baby boy. 

The couple says that people should never lose hope and that they need to keep trying and believing. Their advice is to trust the power of prayer even in cases that might seem impossible. 

They describe the feeling of becoming parents as the best feeling in the world.

They have also shared numerous times in their Instagram profile how the babies have improved their whole lives. 

They are now living their best lives. 

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