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Mwambutsa Was The Youngest King Of Burundi Kingdom

Mwambutsa IV Bangiricenge became king, taking the name Mwambutsa (May 6, 1912 – March 26, 1977). He was the youngest king that will rule the country. He ascended the throne after the death of his father. His father ruled the country for 7 years until 1915. During this time, the Belgians held the monarchs of Rwanda and Burundi. The youngest king was born in 1912. During this period, the country was under German colonization. The king had a not very long reign, and like other Burundian kings, he was a Gnawa.

On December 16, 1915, when he was still a baby, no one took the throne. There began to be quarrels and disputes in the family, and for this reason, it was decided that the king of the country should be the king’s son. The boy was run by family members and at his age, the mother was a regent. In 1925, a regency council was established with the approval of foreign states. Belgium managed to capture Burundi in East Africa. It was part of the German colony.

Mwambutsa became a ruler in his own right on 28 August 1929.
He was a righteous ruler. In his period, he tried to balance ethnic tensions between tribes. He gave that right to those who deserved it and appointed capable prime ministers at the head of ethnic groups. Mwambutsa IV became head of state of Burundi in July 1962.

While in Rwanda, the opposite was happening. There the monarchy was overthrown, and conflicts had begun. During this period, a coup took place by Hutu officers. Although they did not achieve the goal of this coup, they were punished and fled the country. The king of the country was also punished for this, who also left the country.