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Mother Is Shocked To See 25 Bite Marks On Her Baby’s Body After Daycare – VIDEO

Nowadays almost all parents take their kids to daycare because they have to go to work. Also, all of them search for a good one to take care of their little one.

In this article, we will see how a mother found out that the daycare she had chosen for her little baby was not what she thought it was.

This happened in Arizona where a little girl was a bit all over her body while she was at daycare. Her mother went to pick her up and noticed that her baby was a little fussy.

They went home as usual and the mother undressed the girl in order to give her a shower. She saw big red marks all over her daughter’s body.

She initially did not know what they were but then she could count about 25 bites. Her little girl had been abused while in daycare and the teachers apparently did nothing about it.

She filed a denunciation against them but unfortunately, the Department of Health Services did not help or even consider her request.

What would you do if you and your kid were caught in a similar situation?
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